The Last 3 Years (In Pictures)

The last 3 years have seen some of most fundamentally important and significant changes of my life. Thankfully, most of them have been good! I don’t write these posts very often, so when I do, they tend to be quite long. Instead, I’m going to buck that trend here, and have this post helpfully summarised in pictures…

1. Amy and I got together

Amy and I

2. My Grandad died

My Grandad

3. My dad was run over by a 4x4 the day before my Grandad’s funeral. Thankfully, my dad survived. (I also wrote a far more detailed blog post dedicated to that)

Dad in hospital

4. Amy and I moved in together, into a cosy little 1 bed flat in East London

London flat

5. To celebrate our first year together, and my birthday, we spent a weekend away in Bath (the place that is… we didn’t just spend a whole weekend in the bath). While there, she proposed! (and we got engaged… obviously…)


6. Amy and I decided it was time to escape London, so I switched jobs from Codehouse to a work-from-home position with Advorto. (I couldn’t quite decide on the best picture for this, so here’s a rather terrifying edit one of my old colleagues did from one of the Sitecore Site of the Year events during my time at Codehouse…)


7. We moved to Southsea, just round the corner from the beach (and only one road parallel from my mother-in-law…)

Southsea home Southsea beach

8. I finally started to tackle my anxiety, with a lot of nudging from Amy… (I can’t think of a picture to show this one, so here’s another shot of Amy and I)

Amy and I (again)

9. I tried growing my beard a bit longer… it didn’t go so well


10. We adopted Mia into our family (and she’s added constant meows and far more fluffiness to our lives)


11. Amy started her Virtual Assistant business

Amy Oliver Virtual Assistant

12. Amy and I got married

Amy and I - wedding

So that’s a death in the family, a near-death in the family, a new member of the family (yes, she’s a cat, but she’s still family!), mental health difficulties (and ongoing recovery, through CBT via group sessions, telephone sessions, and one-to-one sessions, all thanks to Talking Change), a facial-hair faux pas, 2 house moves (and masses of new furniture), as well as job and working-arrangement switches for Amy and myself between us getting engaged, and now married! It’s been a hectic 3 years!

Posted: September 14th, 2017
Categories: life