Holly Yoga

This is a design and website build concept for a yoga website, using content from Holly Yoga as inspiration.

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The site was designed to be elegant, whilst maintaining as much simplicity and modularity as possible so that it would be exceptionally easy to content manage. Its key features and technologies also include:

  • HTML5 semantic markup
  • CSS3 (modular build using Sass)
  • jQuery
  • Gulp
  • Custom JavaScript modules, including my browser and feature detection module and my image-fit module
  • Use of the Google Maps API
  • Custom Ajax-driven contact form
  • Cross-browser compatibility back to IE7
  • Fully responsive (mobile-friendly)

All code and original PSDs are available to see on GitHub.

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The site uses as few 3rd party dependencies as possible, and all CSS and JavaScript loaded on the site is minified and bundled, to help ensure the fastest page load possible: jQuery, FontAwesome (version 3.2.1 to allow for IE7 support), and the html5shiv, are the only external dependencies.